***Oak Glen German Shepherds  ***
Yucaipa, California 

I have always had a love and appreciation for dogs and the happiness and comfort they bring to our lives.Well into my teens I knew I would want to be in the pet field for life.Having my first job as a kennel attendant right after high school then working my way up to vet assistant and finally pursuing all breed professional grooming in 1991.I love working with all dogs but the German Shepherd breed has always been my passion and breed I most admired as a lifelong dog lover.From childhood I was mesmerized by Rin Tin Tin and later Maximillian the Bionic Dog..
As a young adult in the late 1980's I spent years being involved with the breed and owned my very first GSD at age 21.
Aside from full time grooming I worked on both the Schutzhund field and Show ring and researched every thing I could possibly learn and use to acquire the best dogs I could bring into my family and my whole world.With the knowledge gained I have also helped thousands of dog owners understand their pets issues and work towards better communication with their dogs.
Now I am finally satisfied with my breeding program and very proud of the dogs I have produced over the years..dogs that have proven capable of every job a well-bred German Shepherd can do,from being babysitters of tiny babies to therapy dogs for veterans with PTSD to LAPD k9 officers..and everything in between.
​These dogs never fail to amaze us with their strong desire to please and protect us.